Posted by wem420 (04/09/11 01:57 AM)
Wow all of that except you smoking a caterpillar was great haha. 'and that this caterpillar's sole purpose was to let me smoke him'
Posted by elanham89 (03/08/11 08:26 PM)
wow, great trip, ur a lucky guy to have that kinda life. 
Posted by Dutchmasta420 (02/01/11 10:53 PM)

Wow... That was brilliant simply brilliant. i think i have said enough. i think just reading that changed my life o.O pm me sometimes i want to know some more details and i have some questions.

Posted by MagicJourney (01/31/11 12:56 PM)
Love this trip... I had one almost exactly as this one... I thought it was pretty crazy to have such a simiullar thrip...
Posted by rockyspirit (12/13/10 08:44 AM)
Wow man just wow
now that was an inspiring trip report the detail was great and glad you enjoyed the whole experience
Posted by SteezeMonkey (12/12/10 06:33 PM)
Great report, thanks for writing. Glad it went good.

Happy trails,