Posted by GGTBod (12/07/10 03:54 AM)

What is it with the TV, this is the major part of your problems, switch it off and get immmersed in the hallucinations and thoughts, that is what tripping is all about!! Next time try no tv no lights from start to finish and trip for real, respect your psychedelics or they will fuck you up
Posted by WordsWorth (12/05/10 02:48 PM)

"So fucked up insane out of my mind

when you're this fucked up you can't do shit"

Ya.. watch them half  8s, they'll get yuh.. I dont have much love for people when they start that "when your as fucked up as i was" bullshit. Quarters open my eyes

Posted by Chupacabras (12/05/10 11:31 AM)
Yeah I also get the gay shit when I trip too. Started after a friend came on to me while out of my mind.