Posted by physicist (01/21/11 06:33 PM)
The first time that I tripped, I found myself in a loop, listening to The Doors song The End.  I must have played it 20 times.  That was a total mind fuck!  Dark Side of the Moon is awesome though.  I listened to that and watched the lunar eclipse last month on LSD.
Posted by crokms (12/20/10 02:27 PM)
if the beatles were too intense i would not suggest The Darkside of the Moon, it will send u into a spiraling world of mind fuck. its fun but it might not b right for u everyones different. im glad u had fun though
Posted by soggysocks (12/06/10 01:27 AM)

omg im so glad i just read that last part and the comment I ALWAYS GET HEADACHES from tripping xD they are really bad too. im not sure how much a gallon is but ill go to a unit converter :P
Posted by Larynx (12/02/10 10:05 PM)

Tell your Boyfriend to drink alot of water next time. That usually helps me. I eat 7grams most of the time, and if i dont drink at least a gallon of water while im tripping, I'll have a headache the whole next day.