Posted by wem420 (04/10/11 11:27 PM)
Good read LIke the lessons learned, just wish could find shrooms round here to get enlightening effects!
Posted by crokms (12/03/10 12:03 PM)

i dont know what happened to u. u couldve hade an enlightening experience or just a total freak out. ive had a lot of enlightening exp. and in  none of them did i ever take all my clothes off.
Posted by magicmanzz (12/02/10 11:49 AM)
lolol what it like not being able to read i eat dick? i mean eat my fuck

"i had tripped a good 12 times before this and loved it every time"
Posted by eat my fuck (12/01/10 03:25 AM)
You seem like a huge lightweight.
Shrooms make you gay.
Posted by Newbtoshroom (11/29/10 03:17 PM)
"Man... Thats fucking awesome. Thats an Awesome realization. So true. If you want to be happy. Be happy. Working 60 hours a week to barely live with nice things is not "happiness". Happiness is not What our culture wants us to think it is. Happiness is What you make it. Its just Hard to realize that.
Posted by magicmanzz (11/28/10 02:44 PM)
alright sounds about right, i did alotve research and thats pretty much what i came up with i just wanted to see what other people thought and make sure i wasnt crazy..thanks alot!
Posted by Aldebaran (11/28/10 02:28 PM)
[quote] i completely lost my self to the drug, i was not me, i was trapped inside a drug[/quote]

Well, if you wanted to give this a "trip level" it would fit the description of level 5. The trip levels are only a guideline; a quick way of describing how strong a trip was. If you have to be physically restrained, you are somewhere off the end of the scale...

There are lots of things in your description that are typical effects of a heavy dose of shrooms:

[quote]i couldnt be happier, my life was perfect, I was PERFECT. my body high was like nothing i had ever felt before, i had then asked my friend mike if i was going to stop feeling like this because i thought i had an epiphany[/quote]

This feeling is "mania" - you feel euphoric, absolutely fantastic, you have amazing plans, your thoughts are coming on faster and faster...

[quote] i believed i had found the cure for cancer and aids, and that i was meeting the president tomorrow[/quote]

Along with the manic feelings, are crazy ideas (delusions).

[quote]it ended up getting to the point where i stripped down, yes naked, and jumped onto a table screaming literally in another reality, [/quote]

Psychedelics give effects similar to various states of psychosis at very high doses - they are "psychomimetic." Why you flipped out, I don't know - the effects of very high doses are unpredictable. With more experience of this state of mind, I think it becomes easier to behave calmly at high doses, but beyond a certain dose level I suppose there is just a total loss of control.

[quote]all of a sudden i thought i was about to go through the worst pain of my life, crushed by nothing, streched out by nothing, beaten by nothing, then i was convinced i had to die for everyone to life this life...i accepted death after thinking about it for 3 seconds[/quote]

This is kind of what people mean by "ego death," along with the feeling of reaching perfection, an epiphany about life, enlightenment, losing your sense of self e.t.c

[quote]i start thinking about my life, what it would be like if i had so much money that my friends and family never had to lift a finger again, if i had the most perfect girl in the world, if i could have literally, whatever my heart desired[/quote]

The American Dream! It's interesting that you start with a very materialistic vision of the perfect world, and end up with -

[quote]theres no reason to live with regrets or be unhappy because everything isnt how you wish it was, be happy with yourself and you WILL be happy[/quote]

I guess this is the kind of wisdom / learning that people often seek from shrooms. You could have reacted very badly to such a strong and disturbing trip, but it's good that you learnt something from it.