Posted by Causality (11/22/10 08:58 PM)
hey brother, i highly recommend you check out this one book -- it changed my life.

Posted by theruggedone (11/20/10 05:26 PM)
Sounds pretty intense. I'm not familiar with much of the new age stuff so I can't comment. Congrats if you had an experience that you learned from amd will always remember.

Edited 11/20/2010 6:27 PM
Posted by zZZz (11/20/10 12:24 AM)
it was an interesting story nonetheless. i liked it and im glad to hear you had a life changing experience.
Posted by Buckeye Oysters (11/19/10 09:50 PM)
I was expecting a report on some real astral projection.  Chakras and blue healing magic?... a kit kat song (gimmie a break)

You're just a hippie newb who likes to shoot his psychedelic gun.  You'll grow up in time pup.