Posted by wem420 (06/12/11 08:56 AM)
Definetly laced man! Very experince cannabis lover here, and, not cannabis! 

These guys sound like they know PCP, i'd listen to them, and definetly check the weed next time, unless you liked it :)
Posted by phillipengla (12/29/10 10:36 PM)

Yea dude you definatlly got something other than weed.
Ive never done PCP but DXM is suppose to be chemically realated and you pretty much just described my average DXM trip haha.
So if i had to guess id say PCP like this guy right up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Be glad though. Ive been on the PCP hunt for months and havent found any.. and you got yours without looking haha
Posted by tymoteusz3 (11/15/10 10:54 AM)
Dude that was PCP on weed hahaha.

Even though you have to be careful with PCP i dunno I kind of enjoy it is such a weird mind warp.