Posted by Akamatsu (11/18/10 04:31 AM)
An interesting read, but I feel some of your conclusions on drug use are a bit premature.  Taking too much, too often was always going to lead to disaster - especially given your age and situation.

While I agree with a lot of things you said regarding drug culture, I think you've ignored the middle ground.  There's a very good reason why societies around the world have used entheogens in healing rituals for thousands of years, and why they chose to use them in moderation.  When used at the right doses and in the right context, they allow you to see things from a fresh perspective and work on issues that are typically repressed in a sober state.  This is backed up by our understanding of how they work, and studies such as the 2006 John Hopkins experiment.
Posted by ButteredToast (11/16/10 03:34 PM)

So, you tried mushrooms when you were 14 and that turned you into a hippie, you became obsessed with the way you looked and smoked alot of weed.. then you got into cocaine and all kinds of other nasty shit, then you went to rehab.

Just because you had 0 self control doesn't mean other people can't enjoy drugs, broseph.