Posted by dustyn77 (04/24/11 11:52 PM)
I probably should of just lied down and closed my eyes but I thought the t.v. would make things even trippier. O well.
Posted by GGTBod (12/07/10 10:26 AM)

What is it with people eating shrooms and having the tv on, are they all stupid? The brainwave patterns caused by watching tv cause serious interference with the way your brain operates whilst on any psychedelics, its a bad combo and its no wonder you got your head shattered off it. Eating large amounts of psilocybin is not for enhancing a movie or tv show or making crazy golf cool, large doses should be experienced safely lying down in comfort completely submitting to the experience letting your ego and personality dissolve with no danger of any interuptions (phones or unexpected visitors) or dramas
Posted by Trippinballzzz (11/26/10 08:38 PM)

oo damn im soo jealous[= i still havnt tried shrooms, the only hallucinogens ive done is dph, dxm, sleep deprivation, and a couple other pills. i want to try shroooms soo baddddddd
Posted by ThreeShoes (11/16/10 07:45 PM)
He took 4 grams because he wanted a level 5 trip... like he said.
Posted by mycobeginner (11/15/10 01:14 PM)
why would u take 4g of cyans? i think 1g or 2 would be quite enough for me to trip.