Posted by Lyghtsout (01/02/14 12:04 AM)
I related to this 100%! I literally had your story happen to me to a T!  Got addicted to DXM, stopped it for a year, used it once and now I'm 6 months sober! Same experience
Posted by phillipengla (12/29/10 10:41 PM)

Yea dude ive done DXM more than any other drug. Probably over 300 times to be honest. I finally quit after a very brutal encounter with the cops on a 4th platue trip.
To make a long story short, I though i was dreaming and in a dream running always seems like your best bet... WRONG. They shot me in the back of the leg and then i spent 2 days in the ER
Tripping out of my fucking mind scared to death because i though i was trapped inside a dream..... Thank god im off the shit. Dont get me wrong, the most fun ive ever had in life was on DXM
but the shit is addictive and getting off of it is hard. But hey.. atleast the bullet wound didnt hurt at all haha. I was so Dexed out it didnt even phase me and i just kept running til they finally caught me and
Handcuffed me. Spend 30 days in jail for public intox and resisting arrest... >_> and im only 17... Did DXM non stop almost daily since my 16th B-day
Posted by jackdaniels (11/08/10 07:31 PM)
thanks for sharing