Posted by phillipengla (12/29/10 10:53 PM)

Haha dude nice trip =]
If you want a real mind fuck (im talkin mind fuck, no a trip but a complete and total mind fuck)
then you should try this shit called Dramamine (Brand name Benadryl)
Im sure youve heard of it before. Just make sure when you buy it that you dont get the kind with Tylenol or any other additives.
There should only be one active ingrediant on the back of the box.
Im telling ya dude, i though acid was heavy. Done up to 9 hits before but this stuff blew acid out of the water.
Get this, I was standing outside of Sub-way at 1am while my buddy took a piss behind the store.
This dude in a red camero drove up to me and asked me if i had a light.
I said no but then feeling my pockets i felt the shape of a lighter, so i pulled the object out of my pocket and sure enough it was a lighter.
I held the lighter over his hand and then when i let go of it the car vanished, then when i looked on the ground there was no lighter at all.
The whole thing was a hallucination. Another thing that happens for me alot on it is ill be smoking a cig and on like the 6th drag ill go in for a puff
and there no cig in my hand. Hallucinated smoking a cig. Also on this drug you have moment where you forget you took a drug so i always draw
youll have moment where you house is filled with people and you believe it. You go around talking to these fake people, having full blown conversations
and then as soon as they came the dissapeare and your left standing there in awe. Im tellin ya dude wackest shit ive ever done
The body high itself feels kinda like you feel weigh 10000s pounds and gravity is really powerful.
Your mentality during the trip is like when your watching a scary movie and you know somethings is about to pop out at you.
That feeling sticks with you the whole trip, that ominous creepy feeling.
Posted by rezen (10/23/10 04:04 AM)
Sounded like a good trip man....LSD has taught me so many things. If you got the plug for LSD be careful not to use it to frequently without any breaks
it is a truly powerful chemical. 
Posted by zZZz (10/22/10 04:17 AM)
that is a very kool story, im glad to hear you learned some very valuable things. btw the way u speak reminds me of my friends, let me guess, ur from LA right?
Posted by pinealexplorer (10/21/10 12:48 AM)

yo man i read the whole thing and it's making me excited for my first trip. Sweet story man.