Posted by The Texas Shaman (10/28/11 03:13 AM)
Looks like you broke through to the astral realms, beyond space and time...considering you saw and interacted with Egyptian Annunaki gods of old, the giants of Agartha(inner earth beings that live in the 5th dimensional astral plane), had a confrontation with a demon trying to get you to kill your friend, and had a star being guide you back home tells me you most definitely left the 3rd dimension and spiritually traveled to the great beyond where entities and gods remain...

very good report, i wish you the best of luck with the lesson and experience the mushroom spirit gave you...may you receive more knowledge about exactly what happened and who you contacted, it will advance your spirit and make you so much wiser, my friend...


The Texas Shaman
Posted by physicist (01/17/11 11:16 AM)
This is an awesome story.  Keep up the good work and respect the mushroom.  You use it properly. I approve.