Posted by DaehKluv (10/16/15 05:28 PM)
Hey I just have a couple of questions. Tambien soy puertorrique
Posted by istayhigh333 (03/03/11 11:08 AM)
can you post a picture of a print from those I'd really like to see it!!!
Posted by charleyfish (10/11/10 02:46 PM)
Those look just like there suppose to . I have grown those not to long ago .I whent the step further by growing them out on a straw and horse poo mix . They seem to like to grow in larg clusters . The best part of those ones is everybody that i gave them to loved them . So don't over do it with them . they do have a kick . They are a little more finiky than others just give them good air and they will be happy. Is that a shotgun box that you have them in if so good choice

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Posted by Santi (10/10/10 10:54 AM)
Wow awesome grow man!
That is a great pin set.
Posted by el roboto (10/10/10 08:19 AM)
Posted by auronlives69 (10/08/10 07:46 AM)
wow the mycelium looks really active
Posted by sincere5895 (10/06/10 10:05 AM)
hey please contact me at my email i need to ask you something private
Posted by Zardos (10/06/10 01:37 AM)
WOW! thats beautiful man

I hope my first cakes come out that good :_: