Posted by nesone45 (10/17/10 06:20 AM)
hate it when girl is bicthing... but it has to happen :))
Posted by stopitnow (09/28/10 02:50 PM)

ya i dont know about anything that happens here . it was just intense
Posted by kman980 (09/28/10 09:01 AM)
It was an attack but the question is by who. Before you buy into the terrorist threat that the government likes to hype as a means of taking our civil liberties you should watch a couple of documentarys. 9/11: In Plane Site and Terrorstorm. Both filmmakers just want viewers to see the material so you can easily find it on the web free or if you have netflix both of them were instant queue at one point. Don't be another pleb for the system to exploit.
Posted by smokintheherb (09/26/10 07:35 PM)
now that was entertainment