Posted by crokms (12/04/10 10:38 AM)

even though ur frinds acted like jerks your story was hilarious! everytime i tripped it was always something crazy like that
Posted by illuz1oN (09/26/10 06:24 AM)
Friends? Yeah, right....
Posted by Inoxia (09/25/10 02:43 AM)
Your friends are dicks. If my "friends" would one day do that at me, i will beat them hard. Cheers
Posted by Naz (09/25/10 12:35 AM)

yeah and you should dose them pretty hard too...
Posted by kush420 (09/24/10 08:40 PM)
You have some asshole friends. Messing with somebody when they're tripping hard is a dick move. You should spike some of their shit one day and fuck with them hard to show them what its like. 

Glad you liked LSD though. It truly is amazing stuff.


Edited 9/24/2010 10:44 PM