Posted by spirittoker95 (03/14/12 06:21 PM)

That sounds exactly like my first trip (also 4 grams) where everything felt like it matched perfectly with the realizations I was having
Posted by happyplant_0 (11/01/10 08:54 PM)
awesome read, i enjoyed it. perhaps like u said, take a smaller dosage next time around. i just recently had my first trip and started out smaller then ate more as i grew comfortable with how i was feeling. 

thanks again for an amazing read! :)
Posted by Malachi Constant (09/16/10 10:45 PM)
You can't just go on playing by the rules. No adventure begins until there is disaster. It sounds like a good trip to me, you held yourself together well. I can't face people tripping, no matter the dose... unless they're really good friends, or tripping as well.
Posted by najt (09/15/10 02:17 PM)
So it wasn't such a bad trip after all. 4 grams sounds like a lot for an inexperienced drug user though and I'm certain you wasted your peak a little because you were too exhausted to live up to it, I'm like that too when I take shrooms on empty stomach. Have a chocolate snack or something after the mushrooms kick in. Sugar high on psilocybin peak is the shit, brings to the very bright side of trip up in the blink of an eye. Although you probably wouldn't want to be around your parents then, your euphoria would scare the shit out of them. I liked the stuff with the storm, frankly had very similar experience once. And for the record, planning the trip isn't something you want to do. Just make sure you are taking them because you have the occasion to do so and not because you can't wait any longer and you are goooood, peace.
Posted by gandalfe (09/13/10 09:05 PM)

I think you did a fine job of solo Tripping.When you fell anxiety while tripping just let it drift on by like it was a cloud...Focus on uplifting things and everything goes better..

Posted by Breaker549 (09/13/10 07:54 PM)
I think overall, your trip was pretty exciting.