Posted by Coheed88 (09/09/10 03:48 PM)
Mothers Nature is right. The most distinctive feature is the nipple. SO start there.  If it hasn't got the nipple you can get rid of it (Not all liberty caps have nipples - you'll come to recognize them when you've seen them a few times). However, that can be you starting point.

Practically every aspect of this mushroom is different to liberty caps, so the best thing to do is get an identification guide in mycology, and compare your finds against the taxonomy within.
Posted by FrankAssen420 (09/09/10 09:39 AM)
nope, definately NO liberty caps. sorry :$
Posted by MotherNaturesSon (09/09/10 04:45 AM)
I'm no trusted identifier just yet, but I would say these are NOT liberty caps. There are some problems with the cap, beeing: 1. they're missing the nipple on top 2.the darker edges on the sides of the cap are missing and ultimately the shape of the cap is not entirely "bell-shaped". The stem also seems too thick. Then again, I may be quite wrong, but hey, I'm eager to learn :D