Posted by learningnonsense (01/16/12 10:30 AM)

My God, that's no trip... that was a fucking adventure! And I applaud you for making it out alive. I've heard of people going through those kind of trips and end up doing something very unfortunate that wrecks them in the end.

It's been a couple of years since your initial post, but I'm hoping that you're continuing on your newly defined path. And I hope you're treating you're friend Stacy a lil better. It seems like she was there for you and didn't abandon you even when shit started to get weird.

A little theory I've made up for those who commit suicide or harm themselves is the exact reason why you chose the light instead of tunneling back into your own mind. Those who cannot deal with the thoughts that seem to torment them inside turn to physical torment to get their mind off of the thoughts. I call it "An Escape into Hell". I'm still trying to wrap my mind around your method of sinking into the dark waters; naturally, I have an inclination to just "deal with it" instead. But I'm wondering if there is a way to die and be reborn (not literally of course).

"Ran straight into the fire and came out the other side"

There's something about that makes me wonder and I'd hope that you check back up on this so I could ask you how this was done... or maybe it's not as simple as that? All I know is my pscyhe is vibing with that in an odd way that I cannot forcibly control and perhaps that is where my journey will take me to next.

This story has given me a lot to think about for my own well-being and personal strengthening, and for that I have to thank you!


Posted by rambo__23 (09/22/10 02:10 PM)
i suggest you find some people, or even 1 person that you will feel comfortable tripping with. even if it is that chick. i cant stress how important it is to have someone to journey with you. btw i would love to read your book when its finished or at least some kind of draft. it sounds really interesting
Posted by rambo__23 (09/22/10 01:56 PM)
lol first rule of tripping. Don't trip balls without anyone else to trip with. This is such an important aspect of eating, especially a full 8th, of mushrooms. When your around sober people and your just tripping balls the levels are so completely off its not even funny (as you found out, it REALLY isnt fun.) yea your ganna hallucinate and all that good stuff but when the only person to keep you company is yourself, things can get bad. Especially if you have a deep wondering mind such as yours. I know because im the same way. When i read anything on psychology or philosophy i end up more confused and second guessing every single thing i do to figure out if im like these wackos or if im normal. but ive come to the conclusion that im on the border of insanity. sometimes im sane, sometimes im not. and with a full head of mushrooms and nobody else to dance and relate too, because you sure as fuck cant relate to anyone who is NOT tripping with you, especially some chick who wont shut the hell up about the things she thinks are funny on family guy or friends, omg dude i cant even imagine what you must have felt like with her. lol. dont get me wrong i love girls, but there is no way i could do what you did. there is energy that must be released when your in that state of mind, remember, the pacing? the boredom? yea that is a bad trip though. but what gives me hope in your case is that you had the constitution and mental capability to not go fucking insane during that trip. you didnt have a good trip, but trust me man you did not have a bad trip. ive seen people break out into tears screaming for it to stop, way way way to insecure to be in that state of mind at all. you did it alone. that is strength my friend. ive had the same thing happen to me, but i was at a house party that i threw!!!! so there was no escape lol. i couldnt even get away from them in my own bed cause i could hear lil wayne blasting and drunk people screaming. dude you dont know fear until your tripping balls in the middle of a house party LOL that is not fun dude. just imagine all those things happening to you when a bunch of loud ass drunk people are yelling at you and hurtling beer pong balls and cups everywhere. just thinking about that brings back some crazy memories... ahhh if only to be back in college lol. but yea i had to lay in bed in the complete dark, imagining bad bad things because nobody was there to help out and expend the built up energy that mushrooms create.

by the way i wouldnt say our minds are "depressed." that is a word attached to certain behaviors. we are not depressed, we just think way to much. thinking is what makes us human, thinking is what creates reality. sometimes reality can be scary because we dont know what it is yet, mushrooms just intensify that uncertainty, but when you have someone to make the journey with, it can be a great learning and life changing experience. not some chick who is bored and keeps texting. that is not the feedback you need while tripping. i would have left her in the car at  your moms house and told her to go home. then walked around yourself, frolicking through the meadows, under the shooting stars.

AND DUDE i thought that exact same thing when walking in the grass. Earth feels like a fucking living creature. it feels like your walking on a living mammal.  its amazing the sensations you become aware of in that state of mind. you could walk on the grass all day long sober and not realize the actual feeling of what your walking on. last time i tripped i could feel my bones and skin over them internally. the only other time ive experience that was during meditation, but as soon as an external sensation is felt, you lose that feeling of self, and internal bliss and go back to the fucking world. external sensations suck sometimes.
Posted by squeeg (09/09/10 01:12 AM)
Wow, that was delightful to read. The thing I don't understand is (never had a bad PC trip) when people talk about their bad trips, I'm all like, "Yeah, I've seen that before, some spooky shit." They almost always talk about trying to get reality back or clinging to the shred of reality. STOP doing that. Let go, and let the drug take you in. Realize that nothing bad is going to happen, as psylocibin isn't actually toxic. When that happens, the chances of having a bad trip are slim, IMO. Anyway, this isn't science or anything, just thought I'd chime in.

Edited to mention that I HAVE had a bad trip, but it was LSD...  Hint: Don't decide to make nachos while tripping...

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Posted by Krash420 (09/08/10 07:39 PM)
Very Awsome story BRO!!!  LoL i have had 5 trips or so like yours (Bad Trips).  They are pretty crazy!!!!  Once you've  tripped a couple of times your able to overcome a lot during your trip.  Like how u were yelling in the car, that happend to me a couple of times lol.  But before your trip and during your trip just tell yourself im tripping this is ok I'm in control.  I have control issues during my trip and only the past two trips was i really able to control myself and my gestures lol.  I love also Top Gear and Futurama lol!! Top Gear is the shit lol!!  Anyways cant wait to read your next post lol!! 

Live Long and Prosper friend!!

!!!Keep Boomin!!!