Posted by Alexander1138 (01/12/11 10:01 PM)
haha i really enjoyed reading that. also had a trip very similair to this. and also took an 1/8th. ty for the post

ps: dwarf fortress is the craziest when your tripping lolol
Posted by Astral-child (08/30/10 01:02 AM)
hey when i shroomed the very first time i ate an 1/8 of an oz and i had the exactly same feeling you got in your head i felt my zap in the right side of my head which felt very strange to me as if a switch occured well at that point i started trippin very hard and was overwhelmed at the fact that i could feel what my gf was thinking which she was very pissed off at the fact that she wasnt shrooming but i could see the energy around her as i felt her emotion... perhaps shrooms are more useful than we really think if we think that way it is malleable.?