Posted by Jzwicks (03/08/11 11:56 PM)
I have had the same feeling of empowerment and invincibility, I felt that nothing couldn't be done. I was lying in bed and my room was changing and shifting into graphic triangular slots and I felt something watching over me, I realize later that it was my Notorious BIG poster that I was looking at.
Posted by SmileMushMouth (08/11/10 07:43 PM)
Okay, Yeah, one thing, I was at a party, not at my house..Should have cleared that up.. haha... 
Posted by ThreeShoes (08/11/10 11:05 AM)
Why was a 15 year old girl drinking at your house?
Posted by VTtripper (08/09/10 02:42 PM)
TBH, man, that sounds like a level 5.
That green figure that you're talking about seeing, I believe there's actually a name for it. I want to say mantid? or mantis? I don't know, it's somewhere on the site.