Posted by jackdaniels (09/10/10 01:29 PM)
"The human brain is probably the most powerful and efficacious structure of human nature ever created. The most brilliant and appalling ideas come from the mind. Everything you see around you was once a thought or an idea due to the human brain. Although sometimes, as you well know, you can easily lose control of your mind and things can take a turn for the worse. Once your mind conquers you, I believe you experience a very bad trip, you have to realize it is YOUR mind and YOU can do what you want with it, don't let it take you over! You're in control."

I've never done shrooms, but on acid, i can totally agree.

Also, my first acid trip i definitely came to the same conclusion you did, on the idea of focus, and on the idea of the "now" being important. like i told someone who was sober at the time, who was talking about things that might have made me trip bad--i said that what was really important was what was going on in the moment and what is best for you in the moment. what i needed at that moment was a positive attitude because i was tripping, but at the same time when i was sober i needed to be concerned with what was best in the moment.
Posted by FrankAssen420 (08/04/10 01:41 PM)
haha wow, I must say you've taken your time writing this report, and it turns out to be a great one! I've never read such a detailed, yet beautiful trip report.
E seems to be a great person to trip with by the way, I wish I had a friend like to to trip with. You did give away his name though about 55-60% into the report.
Posted by TimeWinder623 (08/04/10 12:07 PM)

Sorry about the punctuation numbers, I edited it now.