Posted by madpixies (07/30/10 12:15 PM)
Thanx! pleased you guys like it :). Hi Cosmo.  i draw a basic outline of the shapes i want, then fold up following along those lines, and tie up on the lines. Then i use squeeze bottles containing the dye solution to squeeze the colours into the folds where i want them to go! Its fiddly stuff! but  'uber' rewarding! 
Posted by JCosmo (07/30/10 03:56 AM)
That's wicked talent, there. Post a tek? LOL. (Seriously, though... I'd love to know how you did that.)
Edited 7/30/2010 5:56 AM
Posted by argg (07/29/10 03:15 PM)
I am not a huge fan of tree loving hippy crap but that looks real nice. ALL HAIL MEL GIBSON!
Posted by Rydrallen (07/29/10 02:57 PM)
That's really cool =D wish my bedsheets looked like that =>