Posted by VTtripper (08/06/10 10:14 PM)
Sounds to me like since you couldn't share a solid moment with your buddy until the very end, where it was cut short by getting picked up, you turned to other species for connection and camaraderie.

Your bad trip thoughts were very similar to mine in my past trip, just being fed up with everything and just frustrated with every aspect of the situation and yourself. It's called Total Confusion in Lvl 4 if you'd like to see the similarities
Posted by Mindonaut (08/05/10 03:46 PM)
Thanks for the positive comment! :)

Infact i'll be tripping tomorrow night so another trip report is coming soon! ;)

I guess every weekend was over the top, i've decided 2 times a month, but it's because i'm an artist and these shroom trips inspire me in ways i really like. If you had a feeling like only once a year, then you should just go with that! 

Noone knows you better than yourself. Life is much more than shrooms and maybe the shrooms were telling you to fix certain aspects of your life before returning for their guidance like they did with me once.

Anyways happy tripping positive vibes your way! :)

Edited 8/5/2010 11:49 PM
Posted by anthperruzza (07/31/10 11:21 AM)

Sounds like you had one hell of a journy. I tried shrooms for the first time 3 weeks ago actualy and I ate about 6Gs of raw shroom stems...they tasted horrible! But I have to say going into my journy I told myself it was a one time thing and I would never do it again. But my trip was so good I didnt want to just give up shrooms so easily. The magic shrooms made me see my life that I thought was shit, a peacful enviroment if I make it that way. The shrooms to me solved all my problems and cleared my negative mind and just reset my whole personality. They are truly somthing special in my eyes. But I dont think doing them every weekend will give you the same effect. Now on another note to me, on my journy I promised myself I would do shrooms once a year to just sit back, look at my life and collect myself. Anyways sounds like you had a good journy man and i hope you keep posting your trips so I can read more of them:P
Posted by Mindonaut (07/24/10 06:35 AM)
Diablojoe420 : I respect your advice and opinion. I do realise it sounds a tad much. I had the idea that tolerance wouldn't be an issue after 5 days though. The certified nut thing is way too late. I'll experiment with it.
Posted by Diablojoe420 (07/23/10 11:37 PM)
Every weekend is a bit much. Your tolerance will be through the roof, for one. Secondly you'll lose your freakin' mind and become incapable of functioning in the rest of society; your mindset, your newly discovered ideologies will be so drastically different from everyone else you will instantly be viewed as a certified nut. It's not that they're inherently bad, too much of anything has negative effects on all living creatures. What if the sun never set? Nothing can grow without rest.

Respect the mushroom. Don't use them as a tool to ESCAPE reality, but as a tool to IMPROVE it.

Plus if you eat  them all the time they begin to lose that mystical quality we find so fascinating.