Posted by drtrip (07/29/10 04:36 PM)
haha "I then got an immense melting feeling" I know what you mean. I had a similar trip a few weeks ago like yours and I think I was verging on lvl 5 for a while like when I was melting and time stood sill. I'm gona do more with a mate tonight haha. It's gona be INTENSE! btw I'm in auckland :D
Posted by The Texas Shaman (07/19/10 09:55 PM)
My friend grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the blanket, this shifted the room in half. Half of the room was my trip and the other half was reality. This was just retarded.

i lol'd

that must've felt fucked up hahahaha

good story, bro
Posted by Nelson4207 (06/15/10 02:02 PM)

That would be pretty crazy(never had a trip that strong myself)....Nice story to tell and a great experience,can't beat that!
Posted by Chopped (06/15/10 03:36 AM)
haha finally the story comes out my friend :D lets say, the best friend had an Adventure of a Life Time, the last tripper who was the hilarious mess started out sitting on the couch, melted his way onto the floor and moved round under the coffee table, then in an attempt to become one with tetris, tries to wedge himself in a 30cm wide space inbetwean the couch and window lol... 
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Posted by rezen (06/14/10 05:23 PM)
Sounds like some good friends to trip with...
Posted by Dankfish (06/14/10 03:41 PM)
nice dude, sounds like an amazing trip