Posted by novicemushy (08/25/21 02:22 PM)
Is there an app for shroomery
Posted by novicemushy (08/25/21 02:17 PM)
I%u2019m new in shroomery so I will make mistake. I just got an email from sporeworks and was told due to shipping issues they are not shipping to Canada! Disappointed because I have been searching for a company that will ship spores for macroscopic use for a while
Posted by tonloke26 (11/12/20 10:22 AM)
hey new from mn.  how often do i have to soak the cakes in water after is after every couple pulls or how does that work.
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Posted by Redguy88 (04/15/20 07:56 AM)
Hey from Tennessee anyone close?? I really need help I%u2019m a newbie and trying to grow 
Posted by Sandygirl (02/11/20 12:38 PM)
Hi I'm new here from South Africa. Anyone else here. 

Posted by Shroom_Realm (01/14/20 12:52 PM)
How do I create a post? I%u2019m new and can%u2019t seem to figure it out
Posted by Paul7796 (12/28/18 01:02 PM)
How do I post a question

Posted by Paul7796 (12/28/18 12:59 PM)
I have two fully colonized half pint jars when I opened the jars to dunk ,they smelt like fresh mushrooms the day after dunking I could get a smell like rotting vegetables, the cakes still look healthy and white  and now after 8 days little white bumps appearing ,what is the smell and would peroxide help?

Posted by Jimbo7272 (10/16/18 05:00 AM)

Posted by Booty warrior (02/16/18 06:55 PM)
Posted by Cthurmond17 (11/16/17 01:00 PM)
Where do i post a picture of what i have found so i know what it is and if it is safe or not
Posted by Mr Blue (09/17/15 01:27 AM)
Same here. I can not figure out how to post a pic and get an ID. Please help me someone I don't want to die...
Posted by init4funub2 (08/10/15 10:33 AM)
Can anyone tell me where I can send a pic of a mushroom to see whether or not it is edible am new to this!
Posted by MadMaynard (10/06/09 05:56 PM)
Number 5 and feelin alive.
Posted by SocietyRejects (06/13/09 11:23 AM)
Wow, I can't believe I'm four.  This isn't new!
Posted by shroomguyali (06/10/09 01:42 AM)
Can I be third?
Posted by GoldenTeacher (03/30/09 04:30 PM)
Yeah, well I was the second.
Posted by george castanza (09/29/08 10:55 AM)
Hey, I am the first to post a comment!