Posted by physicist (01/12/11 10:05 PM)
Cannabis can have that effect.  If you really want to "trip" from weed, I suggest eating it.  Eating a few grams will unlock the psychedelic nature of this plant.  Before the 20th century, eating hash was the most common form of consumption.  I've been taking this sacrament  orally for 15 years and I prefer it over smoking any day.  Just my opinion.  Enjoy!
Posted by Diablojoe420 (06/05/10 05:44 PM)
I've experienced this a few times in my 9 years of smoking. Twice when I first started smoking (maybe the 5th and 10th times toking up) and again when I reached my 20's. The third was more of an anxiety attack, I won't say "Weed did it!" because it was a very rough time in my life, but it was definitely a TRIP brought on by my overactive mind and cannabis intensified it. Your feeling of fighting gravity really got me interested because that's EXACTLY how I felt all three times. The first time it happened to me I literally got sick from trying to fight the unseen "weight" on my head. First and only time I threw up from smoking too much cannabis.. LOL
Posted by DigDagDeg (06/04/10 12:52 PM)

Lol well at least you had a good time in the end.