Posted by iamme4ever (06/09/10 09:16 AM)
Absolute win for mankind!
Posted by sexygirl69 (06/08/10 09:55 PM)

awesome :)
Posted by serenitychaos7 (06/07/10 04:59 PM)
Posted by mathias (06/05/10 09:27 AM)
Torn veils dude, he forgot the torn veils!
Posted by Me_Roy (06/04/10 02:17 PM)
It'll be totally trompe l'Oeil if you step in a steaming cow patty.

Posted by ChaosOne (06/03/10 01:02 AM)

Nice - will look good once you get it filled in. good positioning as well, though I imagine the ancle bone would not have been very comfortable.