Posted by ServantOfBaphomet (05/31/10 08:31 AM)
Good God don't listen to that guy. Tabs are anywhere from 25-35 micrograms per hit, no more. A full psychedelic dose is at least 250.  I've eaten thousands of hits of acid, mostly tens and twenties during a sitting. Hiking is an excellent idea, even if you're by yourself. Just be sure to keep your phone on you and plan your route, know where you are.
If you are experienced with mushrooms, I would try 4 hits. It's how many I did my first time, and I was a virgin to tripping altogether. But I'd say bring some herb too, so you can get the full deal out of your 4, or however many you take.
Posted by omgwereami (05/30/10 10:20 PM)
im in no way expierenced to acid ive tripped like 10 times,
but an all day hike on 2 tabs just seems to me like a bad idea esp if your by yourself.
Id stay at home and take one tab or even half a tab ( to see how strong it is )
followed by the second half like an hour later.
give an hour  then if you feel like goin walkin go for it.
But bein in a realy strange place havin a bad trip ( as strange as you own house could look) i think  is far worse.

Whatever you do dont forget you water!!!!

and you will absolutly love any music at all if your tabs are any good.

you will have an awsome time mate, drink plenty and make sure u dont have to work the next mornin,

(i get so scatter minded after acid and my boss was like "you have been starring at that wall for like 15 minutes" one day. I think i responded somethin like "walls are cool to look at somtimes".)