Posted by Roker (05/22/10 04:42 PM)
Very interesting report, some techniques in there that I would like to try, like focusing and moving through the chaos. (I thought chaos was all there was until you started talking with god!) Thank you for posting your experience
Posted by Aldebaran (05/14/10 05:59 AM)
It's interesting that you re-dosed after 2 hours. I've tried that before and it seemed to work quite well - a deep trip that isn't completely overwhelming at the begininng. I like the way you describe feeling like an explorer/writer. I think the higher dose trips do feel more like a journey/quest of some sort, kind of magical (or delusional!). The feeling of trying to focus on your closed-eye visuals and really understand what you are seeing is something I can relate to. The trip feels so chaotic sometimes that even when the CEV are razor sharp, it's difficult to mentally focus on them and fully experience what you are seeing.
Posted by audiophoenix (05/14/10 01:31 AM)

Cool report dude, Very interesting to read.