Posted by MySandoz (04/14/10 05:59 AM)

I think alone is great but due to the fact that you can't always control your reality that it is always a good idea to have someone you trust close by.Young Lady it grieved the heart of perhaps the most controversial chemists of the last century to know that the active substances in which he was able to reproduce in a lab could in some cases do psycological harm to young people.It sounds to me that you have a deep respect for the spirit of the mushroom being synomous with the psysical chemistry.You mentioned the rif raff before well perhaps they forgot to respect something that is much older and much more powerful.These mushrooms have been here a lot longer than we have so Kids PLEASE "Respect the Shroom" It sounds to me as if the mushrooms told you that everything was going to be alright with you and that the respect that you have for others and for nature itself is really what this is all about trying to find peace.  l learned a lot from you thanks for sharing that with us. 
Posted by Arkady (04/13/10 03:31 PM)
Finally a god trip report. I'm with you on only doing them alone or with close friends.