Posted by narahs22 (01/04/12 04:50 PM)

nice report, ive done DMT about 20 or so times and my suggestion is to put in 50 to 100 mgs in your pipe because no matter what you will blast off in 1 to 2 hits. And when I come back from my first trip I normally want to go one more time so I have a little extra in my pipe for round 2 lol
Posted by Aldebaran (03/25/10 07:00 PM)
Good description. DMT sounds like interesting stuff.
Posted by Harri (03/13/10 05:49 PM)
Great report!! Sounds fun :) 
Posted by smiro (03/13/10 05:21 PM)
Nice report
Remember this?
"When in doubt, double the dose."- Terence McKenna
Good luck next time!