Posted by endreee (08/09/11 01:40 PM)
No, he's probably just an idiot and doesn't understand the difference between LSA and LSD.
Posted by DeadGoon (05/27/10 06:44 AM)

Dude it sounds like you had a bit of a panic attack...a very similar incident happened to a mate while I was there, except his was only after smoking bud. Exactly the same thoughts went through his head and it was after he did something repeditively. He thought he was dead and in some kind of limbo. Then bad nausea...his thinking was much worse than yours though, screaming and all kinds of stuff. I hadn't seen or heard of this before so I rang the emergency hotline and they told me he was having a panic attack.
Posted by acidhouse (03/11/10 04:19 PM)
I'm confused... you said you took LSA/HBWR - but then again, you refer to acid...  did you take both together?