Posted by Triptosane (08/23/10 02:57 PM)

LOL! I enjoyed that.
Posted by BoomBoom (07/31/10 07:41 PM)
Haha! Still haven't touched even come close to touching this experience. That was one mighty mothereffn shroom. I'm goin to try to get in touch with my friend I think he still has a pic of it!
Posted by sativaB (07/27/10 10:07 PM)
Bahahaha!!! I loved this report, everything about it is perfect and brings the lulz. :D

[the weirdest thing ever happened. I was as tall as the trees around me but shorter than the grass beneath my shoes!]

totally been there
Posted by Papu (06/03/10 08:58 AM)
OMG! LMAOOO! I'm so excited, I'll be doing shrooms tomorow, but I won't go like you crazy motherfucker! loool :D
Posted by SalCato (03/12/10 11:27 PM)

[quote] I didn't want to know since the dog and I don't have a great relationship. [/quote]
LMAO i know exactly what yo mean here.
Posted by Gameboy549 (03/04/10 05:31 PM)

Hey Dude! GReat Story! IM glad you had A Great time with shrooms. i have not yet done it. but i will in a week or so, once it grows. hope my expierience is at lease half at nice as yours.:D