Posted by MushroomMonkey (09/18/10 10:26 AM)
Sounds like you cranked your crown chakra pretty good and accessed the mental plane where illumination, understanding and wisdom come from.  Next time you can try to access the spirit plane where the information is in the form of lovey, touchy, feely energy.  To aim the gun so to speak, sit down and chat with someone about what you are wanting from your next trip to the point where it is firmly seated into your present mind state.  Then take the shrooms and meditate.  Relax and as you feel your crown open up, relax more and more and let the information come.  We call this shooting the gun.
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Posted by MagickLove420 (02/15/10 12:04 PM)
wow thats great...I have expiernced similar things on lsd and on is the link to a most wonderful e-book called be as you are by sri ramana maharshi and its basically about exactly what you are saying, how can we define who we are? how can we be one thing more than any other? the fact is form is the great deciever and we are not the body we are not the mind, only identified with them when we think "I"...root out the I thought, let it absorb back into the true nature of the self and all will be well    :)

here tis: As You Are - Sri Ramana Maharishi

chapter 5 is of particular interest   ;)