Posted by Robbobdude86 (02/28/10 08:44 PM)

You went into the trip with the wrong mindset. "Then I got bad feelings and vibes and knew I would have a bad trip"  With mushrooms, you can change the course of your trip with your mindset.  If you tell yourself you're gonna have a bad trip, then you're gonna have a bad trip.  Next time (if there is one) right after you eat your mushrooms, smoke a bowl of weed.  It's what my friends and I call our "anti-nausea bowl" plus it makes you a lot more giggly.
Posted by Dango_Bill (02/06/10 07:52 AM)
Penis Envy mushrooms are very potent.  2.5 grams of them is a pretty high dose, especially considering it was your first trip.  If you were using Penis Envy, you should have started off with about 0.5 grams for your first experience.
Posted by P.weilii (02/05/10 03:39 AM)
Yes, read the psychedelic esperience. In it they talk about things like this, and how it is a physical manifestation of your inablilty to release your ego, which is an integral part of the psychedelic experience. Also, there is always the possibilty that you just have a weak stomach and mushrooms dont sit well with you, if you're up for trying again (which i assume you are, seeing as you're asking for advice) try LSD, its such a small amount that it won't have adverse reactions like that, unless they are purely psychosomatic.
Posted by tha_doctor (02/05/10 02:33 AM)
Best to read The Psychadelic Experience by Timothy Leary
Posted by asdvrg (02/05/10 02:29 AM)
i like what oh_you_know said, exept on the focus on your breathing part.  its true to just relax an think of something else, but ive tripped with a girl who started thinking she couldn't beathe without making herself do it and started freaking out more. When i get a little tweeked, i just think whats the 1 thing i would like to do right now (other than stop hallucinating lol) and do it. listening to ur fav song or even just laughing at some of the rediculus shit that comes to mind tends to help me. i can remember giggling for a while at the thought that what was goin on around me was just food poisoning.
Posted by oh_you_know (02/04/10 10:16 PM)
the problem is, from what im reading, is that youre not a very mentally strong person. you need to learn to control your thoughts and feelings. you started off worried, then kept thinking about the motion sickness and how horrible it was, thus making it worse and worse. if things get weird for me, i find something to distract me. the last time i tripped, i was with my gf alone in my house and we were watching shrek and i would be watching then out of no where i got insane,like hurting your head, crazy high pitch audio hallucinations. and like it would make me twitch and id cover my ears and my gf kept asking what was wrong and i told her i was hearing a high pitched noise and it actually hurt my ears. but then she would distract me and it would stop. you gotta practice controlling your mind. sit and focus on your breathing. try not to have any thoughts for 15 seconds. jsut keep practicing and over time youll have more control. good luck and have fun
Posted by Harri (02/04/10 04:31 PM)
more specifically xanax 
Posted by Harri (02/04/10 04:30 PM)
Mushrooms are sometimes unpredictable, have some more fun next time let the bad trip be cool and enjoyable. Safe TRippin :) btw next time maybe have some benzos around