Posted by p9hu7 (08/05/12 05:35 PM)
Looks like the mycelium is yellowing and dying. PF says that if not enough verm is added to the cake it will sit in vitro and primordia will not appear, instead myc will begin to yellow and die. Perhaps this is the problem. Perhaps not.
Posted by HalIncandenza (05/04/11 07:03 PM)
How did this one turn out?
Posted by boomingnaval (02/09/10 09:41 PM)
Sterilized the substrate...wich is brown rice mix...let jars cool to the touch before inoculation...this pic was taken at 4 weeks...and no the color started more twords the center at first  then spread twords the lid...
Edited 2/9/2010 10:43 PM
Posted by Shroomans (02/08/10 02:58 PM)
It could be.
 It looks as if the colour is spreading upwards from the lid, can you confirm this?
How much time passed between sterilisation and inoculation? 
Also did fractionally sterilise your substrate?