Posted by StrapOnFetus (11/26/11 07:39 PM)
Very nice. Reminds me of that time when me and my best friend ate 8 grams. Oh Jesus we were out in the woods. Talk about running 5 miles...Best time of my life though. :D
Posted by WordsWorth (10/23/10 05:48 PM)
Man lay off the word SWIM
Posted by DianaDivine (04/09/10 05:34 PM)
I find being alone best also or with another person who is doing there own thingie. ?For me being in Nature mades a tremendous different.
Safe place from anyone coming upon you. ?If I am in the house, quiet or really mellow and spiritual music helps. ?I love Jimmy but I dont think I would trip with him. ? I only tried Salvia a couple times and your card thing reminded my of that. ?For me I look at ?shroom trip as giving birth. ?It is alot like that with labor pains coming in waves til you get there (your?nausea.)
Seem like a price has to be paid to break through to the other side.
??I have taken shrooms ?inside with space heater and it really effected me and made me very ?uncomfortable, it was the heater taking oxygen which I never notice normally.)
Thanks for sharing your trip, very interesting.

Posted by duffzilla (02/10/10 09:03 PM)
Wow, staring at those wood grains....

real interesting trip buddy.          
Posted by HardTrippin (01/29/10 04:14 PM)
I have to say I am on drugs-forum so often I didn't even notice you were using swim XD your first shroom trip was in a cemetary? lmao you got balls
Posted by Projekt (01/29/10 02:33 PM)
Lol. Makes sense. When I started reading the article I couldn't help but think what a nutty person you were. It's good to know that you're not crazy. 
Posted by smuttynose (01/29/10 02:20 PM)
lol, sorry, i know it's annoying.  i had posted this on another forum, where that was the policy, and it was easier to just copy it over.
Posted by Projekt (01/29/10 12:49 PM)
It looks like an interesting read. But after 3 times of you refering to yourself in the 3rd person as SWIM, I decided that it would just be best to shoot myself in the face.