Posted by IntoTheDead (01/23/10 12:31 PM)
Intense, A beautiful read.
Posted by Man in the Box (01/17/10 08:15 AM)

Hey that was a really good trip report best I read in a while, a long while.
Posted by Overworked (01/09/10 04:31 PM)

Sounds amazing man! Can't wait until the next time i trip :D

And i know what you mean about it not being a regular Saturday night! I sometimes get this feeling when i'm sober, just the sense that a normal night out with your friends is going to be so much more amazing than normal!
Posted by crookedhorns (01/06/10 05:03 PM)
hahah sorry about ruining your breakfast there LadyLittleZeppelin, but don't worry- I'm pretty sure the next day I was mowing down on some Doritos! And staratsx, I took about 3.5 grams I believe...although there were moderate visuals througout my trip it was far more emotional than anything. Set and setting played a major role in this trip as well, being with long time friends in the summer time was wonderful.
Posted by LadyLittleZeppelin (12/22/09 09:44 AM)
Thanks for ruining my breakfast. I was eating weird, artificial, man-made, flavoured potatoes chips until I read that =P
Posted by seeker28 (12/20/09 12:10 AM)

really well written, man - props.
Posted by staratsx (12/17/09 10:20 PM)
This was a great trip report.  How much did you take?
Posted by Ego Questio (12/17/09 01:00 PM)
Mate, that sounds like a top notch trip! 

I love it when it's warm enough to trip outside-is a whole different experience.

And as for your buddy providing a sympathetic soundtrack to your quest of exploration-what a guy! Seriously, he should hire himself out to all of us on the mushies. 

Edited 12/17/2009 7:55 PM
Posted by treesniper119 (12/17/09 08:47 AM)
What a trip!
Posted by mrgibblet (12/14/09 04:55 PM)
This was a great report.

I really enjoyed reading this.

Edited 12/14/2009 5:56 PM