Posted by rdsqrreform (01/13/10 04:56 PM)
i know exactly what you mean about entities. I was trippping at a friends and we where outside where he has a patio. There's a fenced in area under the patio and I got an uncontrolable feeling that some entity was udner there and trying to come through me, but it was a pleasent entity, it was evil and wanted to possess me. Right as I felt that my friends dog started going ape shit, running around the yard barking and just going nuts. Needless to say I got out of there quick and went back inside where the energy was extremely positive and inviting.
Posted by Chief_Dad (11/25/09 07:34 PM)
An eighth is closer to 3.5 grams. Not 4. But still. Also it's virtually impossible to die from eating too many shrooms. Youre body cant take in that much. Maybe it also would have been a good idea not to let her take so much. Girls need less of any type of drug to get equal effect.  Smoking herb eases the nausia for a lot of people.  I hope you have very pleasant and informative trips in the future.