Posted by lagrange6420 (06/09/10 06:59 PM)
Wow. I'm doing research to prepare for my first trip(Sometime) and this gave me a massive amount of info. Happiness, health, and love to you, my brother. Thank you! =D :Ego-split:
Posted by johnny love (01/09/10 12:49 AM)
Interesting trip and insights.  As you have noticed mushrooms take you to a scared realm, or reveal that sacred realm that is within the layers.  
It seemed like you were overwhelmed by the intensity.  Focus was needed to find your balance within such an unveiling (pun intended).  :)
You should be able to recall your own zip code even when astrally projecting across the universe.  I cannot recommend enough to others how
important it is to know your mind and other subtle layers of energies before "going down the rabbit hole."  It can cause disorientation,  depression, 
a sense of being "lost" or dead.  Great respect is needed.  When that is present with a good attitude, intention, placid and inviting setting, and at least 
a mild self-awareness you can almost always have a pleasant experience.  Again, respect for the awesomeness that you open up is needed.  
I have not journeyed on entheogens (means "becoming divine within" and personally preferable to hallucinogens, which has a very negative connotation in our society) 
in quite some time.  I follow spirit and when it moves me I will have a visit with deep realms.
Knowing your mind is important.  A light meditation regimine can become enormously important  Such dicipline will allow you to surfboard those times where
you would otherwise be drowning in the waters; overwhelemed by the motions and movements of the trip- form constants, thoughts, etc.- being able to 
rest, peacefully in the gaps, or move about freely to different realms of consciousness.  It's like learning to walk or, in this analogy, swim.  There are many
exercises out there if you have not explored them.  You take on different perspectives of how to approach what you are experiencing.  You will find that surrendering is
a better way of "loosing the madness" than fighting it- which causes clinging.  Focus is what is built.   The sacred manna (mushies) or any other entheogen will be a tool
for your meditation practices.   After a time of practice you'll be a fit gymnast of the mind- able to perform many feats and face down the mightiest fears knowing that it 
is a projection and an aspect of yourself in a perspective of duality.

Shrooms don't always bring out the bisexuality.  It depends on what chakra your energy is working out of.  I have heard of people experiencing, but not everyone does
and I have been journeying for many many years.  Be careful not to generalize and project your fundamental experiences on others, even if it may bring about some 
kind of "comfort" doing so.  

It seems that you're stuck in a city environment?  I guess your idea of nature is city parks?  
Try going deep within the woods... away from the concrete jungle, pavement, machines, or anyone who might find your behavior unacceptable.  Go camping!!
Being deep within nature is the best way to explore the true nature of your existence.  You will probably need a mate for a deep woods excursion.  I am fine alone, but
my intentions are different than most.  I am in it for the exploration and expansion of the spiritual self.  I am on a mission... psychonaut instead of astronaut!!

Haha, thanks!  I enjoyed your post.  May you be filled with health, happiness, and an abundance of love!!!