Posted by i like cow poo (02/09/10 01:17 PM)
Amen to tripping in nature, shrooms were made for nature, not the monotonous society we live in now.
Posted by thevoiceofreason (11/18/09 12:28 PM)
tripping with people who are sober, especially those who have never tripped can be extremely frustrating. It's always nice to have someone on your level. I agree about the music, but if a song starts making you feel uncomfortable change it. The most minute change can make all the difference. Meditation is also great.
Posted by Vullgar (11/15/09 03:38 PM)
Sometimes if you can meditate, that is highly recommended. Just sit down, close your eyes, and enjoy.
Posted by TenaciousE (11/15/09 12:57 PM)
^ YES! music is the answer to a great trip. 
Posted by blackstatis (11/15/09 12:40 PM)
try listening to music next time.  it will take on a whole new meaning.    other than that.  just explore EVERYTHING.  you will rediscover ideas and meanings to your whole world.