Posted by Coyote175 (01/19/17 11:34 AM)
I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks!
Posted by Suburbanmyce (01/02/17 04:14 PM)
I just would like to ask you how big are  the holes in the MT box. I tried already the MT tek but I failed. I made a punch of them but very tasty:)). The Full colonised sub got dried, Even if I filled up the holes in the box with polyfill ( around the hole I could see the air exchange)
. Thanks in advance!!

Edited 1/2/2017 11:15 PM
Posted by BoomerLoop13 (12/08/16 06:45 AM)
Is there ventilation in the room, like a fan or central air to help move air around?

Posted by nlivegold (10/23/16 12:56 PM)
So when you are colonizing the substrate with spawn can you put it in a black trashbag for a week?
Posted by Dadeebool (09/25/16 02:28 AM)
would a light on the side work?

Posted by 7munkee (05/29/16 09:45 AM)
I think I'm going to try this tech tonight.  I have 8 quarts of WBS ready to spawn out.
Posted by Henriquemandt (02/18/16 03:21 AM)
That TEK seems to be pretty simple, gonna try this. Thanks!
Posted by openmindedcanvas (12/01/15 08:37 PM)
a little confusing but great!
Posted by t.katsu (09/08/15 12:31 PM)
First time grower and this looks like the easiest way to get started in this. Hopefully I have at least half the luck as you
Posted by lolsols (08/30/15 12:20 PM)
sweet tek man, gonna give this a try and will be back with results asap!
Posted by Smoke_key412 (07/22/15 10:09 AM)
Can you use cotton balls instead of polyfill
Posted by acidJourney (07/06/15 11:58 AM)
Beautiful grows! I got kicks out of the "turtles" story. I can only imagine how thrilling that experience was. Thanks for the info!
Posted by OldCrafty (04/14/15 01:57 PM)
Awesome! Good stuff.
Posted by spearsgary74 (03/04/15 08:12 PM)
Very nice, Thank you.
Posted by drood (12/15/14 08:58 PM)
thanks Icesyn for the grain spawn to bulk casing ratio. was wondering that 'specially since bins be different sizes.
Posted by Amrita (11/02/14 08:21 PM)
Thank you!
Posted by knucklebumper (01/24/14 05:08 AM)
this is great i had my whole thing set up in a basement and my substrate would get white hairs growing then i would take it from the incubator put it in the fruit chamber and idk but somtimes the temp would drop to 64 and the humidy to 85 during the night.

Posted by djmasturbeat (12/20/13 02:57 PM)
I have to say this thing is a bit confusing for me too.
it would be nice to have a clearer tek for noobs wanting to attempt this.

thanks nonetheless.
Posted by cArcace-x (12/10/13 04:37 PM)
ExeLlenT! but the holes, 1inch at bottom and 2inches at top?

Edited 12/10/2013 6:39 PM
Posted by michganshroomer (09/11/13 02:42 PM)
i like it
Posted by nksfo5 (05/10/13 03:50 AM)
the reason for only covering the bottom and sides with darkness is to prevent side pinning, the upper or top level of the substrate casing mixture is where the actual fruit bodies will grow therefor it needs to be available to recieve light at the point of pinning and fruiting 
Posted by nksfo5 (05/10/13 03:47 AM)
glad it worked out for you, im not sure that patch casing is best done by moving other parts of the substrate around but im sure theres more than one of us to do it 

Posted by venglund (05/06/13 02:03 PM)
This was very hard to follow. 
Posted by Stevee (04/19/13 05:24 PM)
Very Nice Tek
Posted by madgenious (04/13/13 09:32 AM)
I must say it is pretty annoying to see all these questions go un-answered for i have a few of my own.  You say you saturated a mix using 500ml alc free bee boiled down to 200ml and used water to
thin it out in order to feed nutrients to the vermiculite.  I am trying to see the logic of what nutrients could possibly come out of boiled non alcoholic beer.  Is this step important?  Can it be skipped?  If so how will it affect the flush?  How about after your harvest, was there another flush?  Are there any steps needed to do in between flushes? I am obviously  begininer and i have already invested over 45 hours of research just trying to learn the basics and deciding which method i want to use.  Another question is how is the temp regulated?  I am trying to find the best way to fruit large quantities at once.  Any tips on temp control if i use this method?  My apologies this s my first post on this sight im sorry if i sound stupid.  So many things i read contradict eachother.  Like this container being clear for example, everything else i have read states to use an opaque container with just a clear lid, while this method seems to just recomend the opposite covering the sides and bottom of the substrate layer.... confused :(
Posted by Tacomandood (03/25/13 12:45 AM)
There's a lot of unstated information here..
First, humidity is maintained by the bulk substrate when it is pasteurized, which is why you'll often see people saying that the bulk substrate needs to be at "field capacity" before spawning. It's similar to how vermiculite in a PF jar works; the substrate provides humidity while its sealed inside by your container, a monotub in this case. 
Second, FAE is introduced inside this the tub only AFTER the substrate is 100% colonized. Again, just like PF jars, the buildup of CO2 within the container will help stimulate mycelial growth instead of premature knotting and primordial formation. Once the substrate is colonized the container should be removed from a dark areas where it was stored, and should have the holes filled with some kind of filter (polyfill, tyvek, etc.). To prevent FAE before this stage you should probably cover the tub with a blanket of some sort; it will also act as a light barrier so the mycelium doesn't initiate pinning too early. After the mycelium has fully colonized the substrate and is ready for actual fruiting the tube should be placed in a room between 70-78
Posted by SalinaBromez (01/28/13 07:08 PM)
There wasn't any monitoring of temp or RH, but do you know what your room's air temp or RH might be on average?
Posted by Cereal Killer (01/06/13 02:42 PM)
NICE! im going to try and post pics :)
Posted by nksfo5 (12/20/12 01:59 AM)
did you mix the casing substrate with the colonized substrate and then top off with a casing layer or simply add a single casing substrate layer to the top of a colonized substrate layer??

Posted by srinpav (11/20/12 05:11 AM)
and i gotta say that cluster is pretty badass

Posted by srinpav (11/20/12 05:04 AM)
You my good sir are the man! farking legend!
Posted by SuperSilverHazey (11/08/12 08:24 AM)
is there a minimum dpeth for the tub one chooses with this method?

Posted by FunguyRI (10/31/12 11:08 AM)
Awesome Tek can't wait to try
Posted by dareden (06/07/12 07:05 PM)
hi there just wondering what would the list of equipment/supplies for this tek
Posted by hardknoxmush (05/20/12 09:58 PM)
would this tub work with perlite and brf cakes? 
Posted by sporechampion369 (05/15/12 09:06 PM)
Posted by Timehole (05/15/12 05:37 PM)
Hello Shroomery

Great article Ohm, thank you,  how many flushes would a tub like this get?
Posted by mant43 (03/22/12 05:37 AM)
wow thats alot of mushies
Posted by slitheen (11/27/11 03:34 PM)
"Do casing blah"


Um, right then... anyone got a link to a COMPLETE monotub tek for beginners, with step by step instructions and no use of the word "blah"? I'm currently doing my first tek (PF for simple minds) and wish to move onto something with a little more yield-to-work ratio, and something that can be neglected a bit more (for those not there to fan three times plus per day). Many thanks.
Posted by Icesyn (09/13/11 10:11 AM)
Does not require a humidifier. The substrate admits it's own humidity. Not only that, but you don't have to open it at all until harvest. You don't need to cover anything for colonization. The only thing that would be covered is the sides of the substrate to avoid side pins by blocking out light. But that isn't a requirement. It is all self maintained. As long as you have a filter for gas exchange then it can take care of itself.

For filters, you can use tvek, polyfill or filter disks. You can easily make your own filter disks using stiffened felt from a craft store. Just cut them out to wide mouth lid circles and glue some on with some 100% silicone glue.

For an easy substrate, I do a simple 50/50 Vermiculite and Coco Coir mix  as a bulk substrate with a few jars of grain spawn at a 1:2 ratio. (Simple bulk)

Thought I'd answer some of the comments and add some more facts for future readers ;) GOOD LUCK!

Edited 9/13/2011 12:12 PM
Posted by Phantom (07/03/11 02:54 PM)
Does this require a humidifier or misting or does it generate its own humidity
Posted by filsdepiet (06/27/11 09:59 AM)
in my country the temeratur i'ts to low  and in my home also (18
Posted by filsdepiet (06/27/11 09:55 AM)
great i'm going to try this it seems so easy !!
Posted by BrianSane (05/10/11 09:58 PM)

In some teks, they say to cover it with tin foil for about a week, until the susbstrate is colonized, then put it in the fruiting chamber...are you skipping this step? or keeping it in a dark room or something?
Posted by jacosci (05/08/11 03:15 AM)

how do you sterilize the tub itself
Posted by phildurtz (11/19/10 01:07 AM)
Is it possible to mix colonized spawn and  pasturised poo in a garbage bag and then place in layers in the tub?
Posted by Bubblejet (10/03/10 02:40 AM)
This is my favorite, I'm going to do some newbieminimonotubs! Does this work without a casing?
Posted by big boomers (09/04/10 09:33 PM)
how are you keeping the humidity up? and why is misting not nessacary?
Posted by Free Mason (03/10/10 03:41 PM)
The BBCode formatting marks are shown in this document.  The properly formatted (and much more legible) version of this document can be found in ohmatic's post at:
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Posted by Free Mason (01/11/10 10:30 PM)
The formatting is messed up.  It's very difficult to read.  It'd be nice if it could be fixed... The pics would probably be really useful if the links were formatted properly, too.
Posted by Dango_Bill (10/25/09 06:47 AM)
The formatting on this is messed up. I can't see any of the pictures or anything. You probably need to use proper HTML and not forum code.