Posted by Avid (04/19/10 01:01 AM)
things have changed since the time i took that trip, since the time i wrote this, since yesterday even, man. what i have come to, regardless of what experiences and perceptions i am drawing from is this- all of this is a journey, i set the sails but the wind has its say too, and all i can do is to learn more about myself, humanity, and nature and at the end of the day the one choice that is within my power at all times, no matter how incorrect it may seem at times is that the way i feel- that is MY CHOICE, and as long as i make that call- all is well, because i say so... haha
Posted by clovek (04/11/10 03:41 PM)
I have some mild experience with dried salvia leaves, so I cant even imagine how unimaginable this experience must have been. However I absolutely understand the main thought.  I have repedately had the same conflict as the yellow bucket while on weed or even sober. I have been asking myself these questions if my life is predetermined by some higher force, if i have free will and if I don't, why do I have to go through the torture of living my whole life knowing that I am nothing but a part of machine. I can also relate to that "silent rebellion" desire and escaping the slavery of fate even though it cannot be done in a single lifetime. I could say I am walking a similar path as you are, but you are probably way ahead of me.

I could say started year and a half ago when i was studying in US. People were forcing me their beliefs, morals and religion which finally triggered MY rebellion. I started to read a lot. I read things that I agreed with to enforce my opinions, and I read the tings I didnt agree with, so I can be sure I understand them fully and dont misjudge before a refuse them. So I guess my trip to the US was something like your salvia trip (a little longer though), but I still find myself too "lazy" to really use what I treasure so much. Psychedelics always have the "go do something!" effect on me, but it seems not quite enough. I hope I will not waste and make my plans come true, they are not unachievable.

I would really like to know if it changed something? Do you now put more effort to living your life? Do you do you not waste your free will?
Posted by Tripl3D (10/16/09 04:09 PM)
That is an extraordinary experience with very heavy insight. I have never done more than 10x salvia extract, and so most of what you've said is beyond anything I've ever experienced on salvia, although I can see through lighter trips how you could go that far. Incredible!