Posted by Midnight_Toker (09/30/10 05:20 PM)
Yeah bro I had an acid trip like this before, it's never a good idea to do psychedelics on your own. It's good that it hasn't scared you off of mushrooms though, I had that trip about a year and a half ago and I still havent touched acid. I know I will again some day but I'm going to do mushrooms again first to sort of ease myself into it.  Always have at least 1 good friend with you that you feel very comfortable around, you can still trip just as hard, I promise they are more of a help than a hinder even if they arent tripping themselves.
Posted by Humboldt_Hunter (12/22/09 11:41 PM)
doesnt sound like a level 5 trip to me but it does sound pretty intense for your first time so i can understand why you were so scared. 
your next trip should be better and more fun especially if you do it with good company. 
Posted by Threemoonshrooms (10/13/09 05:22 PM)

Man it sound's like you should have taken the trip with your friend to me. Every trip I have ever taken (SID,2C-B,DMT,Psilocybin) I have always ben in very good company.It is always fun to trip with others I think.But it sounds like a good leason and one that was well earned I might add. . .Peace!