Posted by SlowJabroni (05/16/13 06:26 PM)
Reminds me a lot of my first trip with 1/8th. I also smoked weed before they really kicked in and I just wanted it to end because of how crazy and uncomfortable it got.  I was drifting in and out of consciousness too and was just losing my mind because I tried to fight it. That's really one of the most important rules of tripping shrooms -- don't try to fight it. However, since it was my first experience with psilocybin, I had some really profound existential thoughts and feelings.  RESPECT THE SHROOM!
Posted by Saryistersn (11/10/09 11:52 AM)
Wow!  I think I need to add my experience to the collection.  The themes in your experience are very similar to mine.  I think ego definitely has something to do with the strong aspect of dying during a trip.  Death is extremely symbolic of transformation and in many cultures, an ordeal symbolizing death would have to be passed to achieve the milestone (puberty, courtship, apprenticeship, etc)
Thank you for sharing!

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Posted by rdsqrreform (10/03/09 02:26 PM)
Last night I decided to give it another try. I made sure I was with friends who were tripping too and that I didn't take as large of a dose, I aslo didn't smoke at all. In short, it was a very beautiful experience. We watched a movie which looked really cool, the peoples faces kept melting and morphing into different shapes. After a while I went outside where my friend, the one I had called during my freak out, was sitting in the grass just enjoying nature. I sat outside for a while and it was just incredibly beautiful. I kept feeling I was bigger than my body and that things going on around me didn't have to be about me, they could just be what they were. I came to the realization that everything exists whether we percieve it or not, by that I mean that life continues whether we are involved in what's going on or whether we totally shut it out. This point was made even stronger when I got home. As I prepared to go to bed I went through my usual routine, but at the same time I didn't have to concentrate or focus on doing it. My body went through all the motions as my mind was at peace with itself. I realized that our bodies are simple a vesel and it's our souls that make things beautiful and give life meaning. I think if we just lived life everyday enjoying what was going on around us and not constantly worrying about trivial things, that our lives would be lived with a lot more happiness.
Posted by ductapeNlace (10/03/09 09:19 AM)
I always recommend eating shrooms with a friend. I also tell people not to drink or smoke until they feel the mushrooms. I have had people tell me they felt nothing from the shrooms because they were plowed on hard liquer. Smoking pot can really really intensify the shrooms too.I hope you dont give up on shrooms! They can be really really just have to 'set the stage.'