Posted by learningnonsense (01/12/12 01:40 AM)

I'm with lyser on this one. It's funny to be stupid, but stupidity suggests irresponsiblity. Either you're  immature or just stupid, so to be a nice guy, let's go with the former. Shrooms are meant to be a reflective mirror to the inner workings of the universe, as perceived by your mind. So if you're full of "love and fluffiness" then maybe you need to grow up a little and expound on that thought. While it never hurts to love and to show your affection, surely you know there is a right time and place. But for those who want to exacerbate the methods described here, have a fun life being locked away like some kind of mental patient. For those of us who have a little more wealth in the sensibility department, let's continue to enjoy tripping without having to worry about that.

I'm not saying when you trip you aren't prone to looking quite strange (let's face it, endless stares at nothing, swaying back and forth, and slinging your arms around will likely draw attention no matter where you live), but getting naked and running up to people you barely know just doesn't sound like a great idea, unless you added crack to the dose... then my argument rests there. But if that is something that you are prone to doing, then like collin suggested, find the right place to let your childish whims run wild.

Either way, I'm not convinced this is actually a true story. Almost feels like a kid's adaptation of a public service announcement over the dangers of drugs. In all truth, if it was such a powerful dose, you would have been cast into the depths of hell (insanity) with scars that likely would have prevented you from even writing this. COME ON, you were fucking tazed- that should have been scary enough in itself, not to mention you were constrained against your physical will. Then there is the mental image of being locked up. Am I seriously the only one who can put all of these factors together and conclude that I wouldn't be making a cute little semi-rhyme scheme poem after the fact!?

That's all.

Posted by spuzzchukka (07/29/10 03:31 AM)
hey mate that sucks you got arrested for having fun!!! good work bro keep eating those mushys!!!
Posted by Smokeandtoke (06/15/10 02:01 AM)
This was a beautiful peace i found myself inside the story, inside your head LOVED IT!
Posted by Smilee (01/14/10 11:14 AM)
Wow. That was so interesting. I just did shrooms my first time and had a sort of bad trip, but this makes me feel better. I understand some of the things I felt. Simply beautiful. I love it.
Posted by johnny love (01/09/10 10:26 PM)
Posted by TrevyWevy69 (10/08/09 04:48 PM)
although you didnt do them right publicly you definitely understand the concept of shrooms and how to be free

i think we should all move to the valleys of colorado and do as we please

everything should be free and everyone should love
Posted by Ascending Lotus (10/08/09 01:07 PM)
excellence if i ever have seen. i love you too.
Posted by collinZzZz (10/08/09 10:26 AM)

Very good read!  I'm sorry you got tazed buddy, thats fucking irresponsible of the cops, you don't sound like you would have hurt a fly.

Next time you want the trip at this (or any) level  try to make some friends that live in the country or find a national forrest close by, Isolation=no pigs w/ tazers

and try to have at least one sober sitter (providing smoking materials is key) to talk the situation down; someone who can tell you that getting naked and quietly feeling

nature is awesome, but screaming about it is not.

Posted by Germican (10/05/09 07:16 PM)
Great story. I feel most need to experience the first half...just not the second. Don't let it hinder you just next time lock up lol.
Posted by PMasterPoo (10/03/09 12:39 PM)
what the eff
Posted by lysergamideman (10/03/09 04:12 AM)
3 g's Enuff to go crazy and do some dumb shit like that? Hmm . .   Am I the only one who wants to call bullshit there?  . . .  And sorry but if the story is true thats even worse. Thats why mushrooms arent legal now,  people think shit like that is what shrooms are about.  They dont make them legal cuz thats what they think is gonna happen to people on them. And If you really did that you just working against us , and giving even more supposrt to the propaganda machine. 
Sorry bro, but damnit man if thats true learn to get ahold of yourself  !!!       . . . .good lord.  
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Posted by cbhead23 (10/02/09 11:07 PM)
Some people just don't get it.

You totally got it dude, if only others did as well.
Posted by housecat (10/02/09 06:57 PM)
Dude, I really loved this story, except for the tazer and the immobility suit. Filled with good, funny lines.
Posted by EM455 (10/02/09 04:20 PM)

I loved it! both the experience and the poem.....I would love to trip lik that...except for the jail part :S 'm sory about that
Posted by nebilino81 (10/02/09 02:04 PM)
that is so sick.other than geting tazed and arrested that is a sweet realy say some smart religios stuff when ur messed too.ur a monk basicly.

good luck with your next experience if u have one after that.