Posted by E G J (04/08/15 08:32 AM)
I don't know if anyone will get to this by Friday, but if so...

I bought 30g of Psilocybe Hollandia magic truffles. I had the trip of my life on 15g of Atlantis a week ago, and the 30g are for me and a friend on Friday.

I've been using a dehydrator to dry them out as I didn't want to keep them in a fridge. They're dry now, however, I'm not getting the powder type quality that people say you should achieve when drying them (as in if you break a bit off, it should crumble to almost powder in your fingers). They're dry and very hard though.

I was wondering (sorry if it's a stupid question!). I made shroom tea last time and it worked really really well. However, this was made from fresh truffles that I ground into a paste and then added to the water. If I wanted to make tea again this time, could I literally just drop the dried truffles in the water? Would that work the same? 
Posted by TheMarvelousNoob (11/27/11 08:24 AM)
Anyone ever use a food dehydrator?  I realize it's not the most inexpensive route but are there any drawbacks to such a technique?  
Posted by uiwnq22776 (07/29/11 03:05 AM)
I have heard that you can simple put the shrooms in a shoe box with some cat litter near the sun and that will try them out in a few days. Its cheap and easy but does it work?