Posted by blap3121 (08/15/09 09:02 AM)
Sounds like a blast. your writing really captured some of the best of it from my point of view. i know you couldnt begin to actually explain the wonders... but what you said worked.

i wanted to say something about driving: many people worry about driving inebriated and while I agree that it is stupid and reckless, some things are different than others.
shrooms change your perspectives but often they allow you to be more alert and in a way, more with the world. I have driven before while mindfucked and was better than I would
have been normally. I just felt like i was one with the car and would be able to handle any situation that could arise on the road. it was an unbelievable experience and while
I'm not necessarily saying that people should try it, i think that if it happens it happens and you shouldnt be ashamed.

it really sounds like you had a blast. best of luck in your future endeavors.