Posted by VTtripper (08/27/09 01:33 PM)
i think just the lack of planning screwed you here. when i trip, i do it when im off on a vacation, or just anywhere where my parents dont live in the same house as me. a summer house is a great place for it, if you have one. also, i think staying out at the lake wouldve been a good idea, just because the best place to be is outside in nature, with infinite places to travel and venture. i highly highly recommend hiking while tripping, as it keeps your mind off your personal state, and just on the natural beauty. also, ease on the herb when you trip. i usually roll a joint and a blunt for a trip with 2 other people. i smoke the joint when im coming up, about 1 hr afterwards just to get in a good mood. i dont inhale every hit, i puff most of it (where you keep it in your mouth) , just because i dont want to be high as hell when i trip, i feel as if that degrades the shrooming experience. i smoke the joint purely for a small head and body buzz. once again, i dont inhale each hit so i only get a little high, just in a good mood. whenever i get really really ripped, i feel bad when im starting to sober up. thats why i only smoke the small joint. then i smoke the blunt when im coming down so i get back into a normal state of mind when im sobering up, not like a "am i still tripping?". its more of a "im a little baked, but not tripping. ive had a great time today" idk sorry if im rambling, but ive been lucky, since ive tripped about 10 times, all being wonderful. ill paste a link to my trip report at the end. as for future shrooming, just plan it out a little more, and make sure youre in an open space (i hate being in cars while tripping, it makes me klausterphobic). dont give up on them boomahs, they sure are a gift from God.

Here's my report:
Posted by bbybr51008 (08/18/09 05:36 PM)
thank you all so much! next time i'm definitely going to do it the way i did it before, and take it more seriously and do it only with my boyfriend who i trust. and also i'm going to put off smoking, and bring a xanax with me. thank you guys :)
Posted by Prophet Mykola (08/11/09 06:55 PM)
" the drug dose does not produce the transcendent experience. It merely acts as a chemical key %u2014 it opens the mind, frees the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and structures. The nature of the experience depends almost entirely on set and setting. Set denotes the preparation of the individual, including his personality structure and his mood at the time. Setting is physical %u2014 the weather, the room's atmosphere; social %u2014 feelings of persons present towards one another; and cultural %u2014 prevailing views as to what is real." Timothy Leary, deary...
Posted by phruits (08/07/09 12:12 PM)

Planning and state of mind is key. You admit to being depressed prior to your trip, which is good. However taking mushrooms in hopes that the experience will cheer you up is not usually an effective way to take any psychedelic. I sugesst better preparation... analyze your first two trips and plan accordingly. In preparation for my trips I will usually try to focus my mind in a positive, self reflective, and self achieving mode. Perhaps reading some of your favorite philosophical works or listening to some of your favorite music, or meditating prior to your trip. Try having music you enjoy readily available during your trips, trip with people you love and trust, try and stay put in a positive and unthreatening setting / environment. Many people feel the need or desire to get up and change locations while tripping. For example... going to a friends house, going on a walk, or whatever it may be.  In my experience, it can be better to resist these desires. Although going for a walk outside is something I love to do while having a mild to moderate trip, it can change your preceptions and emotions in a undesirable direction. Another thing I have learned about my "tripping self" is that when I am tripping on mushrooms and I am in direct contact with others who are not tripping, I tend to become anxious and panicky. 
However... disturbing thoughts, panic attacks and bad trips sometimes cannot be avoided.  All you can do is try to learn from them.  All mushroom trips offer learning experiences, even the bad ones.   Soo... preparation is the biggest key in my opinion. There are also things you can do to distract yourself when you are actually having a bad experience during your trip... Try having "trip toys" around. Glow sticks, lava lamps, rubber balls, and even child's toys can be distract your mind and be fun! (I know there is a list of good trip toys somewhere on Shroomery)... and of course music!    Trip and learn my friend!
Posted by Riku (08/06/09 10:00 PM)
I think you will be fine if you put a little more thought into it the next time you trip. Everyone here has given you excellent advice. Be prepared in case things go wrong. Being thoughtful about how you go into your trip can prevent some of this stuff, but sometimes you just end up in a bad state of mind where nothing seems to help. It's the risk you take if you choose to do this stuff. Trying to change things around (music on, music off, lights on, lights off, etc) can sometimes do the trick. I used to have a few playlists of music, environmental recordings of whales, thunderstorms, etc, on hand in case I needed to calm things down. Sometimes just hearing something that makes you happy can get you back to good state of mind. Also, if you are inclined to using other substances, having something else on hand can help snap you out of it. I would usually keep a little of everything on hand, but at the very least, have a valium, xanax, ambien or something to calm you down if you panic. Sometimes you just need to crash out and sleep it off. I think the best idea is to be in one place, in an environment that is safe and controlled, and with the same people there from start to finish. I've had some pretty seriously bad trips, and lost my sanity on more than one occasion. Always keep in mind, no matter how rough it gets, it is only temporary and you will come down eventually and be okay. Just be careful and take your tripping seriously... which is not to say you should be serious when you trip.

And yeah, you might want to ease up on the smoking maybe... I usually save that for later when I am starting to come down. If you want to do something else with your shrooms, you might want to try a little nitrous. I think it is a pretty good combination, and when things get a little stressful, it can sometimes turn it around.
Posted by Polati (08/06/09 07:20 PM)
Sorry you had a rough trip. I think the dentist and depression both played factors. However, one thing I don't do while tripping is go anywhere. Just stay wherever I'm at until the next morning (apartment, house). That way one is in control of all your surroundings. Setting I feel hurt you on this one. I hope you can get back into them.

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Posted by bbybr51008 (08/06/09 01:54 PM)
thank you sooo much! i definitely want to trip again but this one made me really scared to. but i think next time i'll do it with my boyfriend, in a park, like we did before. that was way better than this experience. thank you!
Posted by pasucks (08/06/09 07:37 AM)
Well the bad vibes you were getting some times are just not avoidable, when tripping your sences (and not regular sences) but third eye sences can feel things you cant while sober and if theirs bad vibes in the air your going to pick them up best thing for that is set and setting.  I trip with my wife that ive been with for 11 years and my best friend that ive know for about 17 or so years and  absolutley NO ONE ELSE !  And usually at one location called the ancient spot and this place is designed for tripping.  It just always feels so good their and peacefull, great vibes.  Secondley do not smoke any weed till after you peak 1.5 hours usally after ingestion.  Wait 2 or 3 hours next time.  And probably the main reason was because you were depressed this is the absolute worst idea to trip while not 100% ready thats probably the most important thing.  And the dentist thing well your heart wasnt pounding when tripping from that,  It was just a panic attack try taking a benzo like xanax or a valium if it gets real bad next time.  And dont give up on tripping I did for about 8 years and just started up again last year.  And my life feels to be getting better because of it trip once a month, and remember set and setting plus lay off the weed some.  Good Luck!
Posted by bbybr51008 (08/05/09 07:22 PM)
thanks, i thought smoking would help but you're right it might've made things worse
Posted by hemppy (08/05/09 04:56 PM)
Sometimes that just how these things work. I don't smoke marijuana when I eat mushrooms because it will often give me a panic attack. Once you get that first panic attack while on mushrooms it can just ruin the whole experience.