Posted by spuzzchukka (09/28/09 12:37 AM)
wiked! im kinda keen to try lsd but my mates think its a shit idea, even though we all do pills all the time.... you from aus?
Posted by sputnik (08/06/09 05:50 PM)

sounds like a good trip man... lookin' for a bit of the good stuff myself...
Posted by Noc_Rochee (08/04/09 09:38 AM)
lsd is everyware you just dont know the right people!
Posted by MotherNaturesSon (08/01/09 07:19 PM)

I'm feeling that, bro. keep tripping peacefully
Posted by Dr. Zowie (07/31/09 10:18 AM)

You are soooo lucky. LSD is almost impossible to find these days in the US.