Posted by FeAraNdl0aThInG (01/22/10 12:34 AM)
Ahh, I don't think that was a waste at all. I read your report and bore a light hearted smile for its entirety, so I can only Imagine the sort of fun and enjoyment you had, even if it came in stints that were shortlived. For a first time, it sounded like simple, light hearted fun. I remember the first time I did shrooms, probably only a year ago... It was without a doubt, the most fun I've ever had in my entire life, and probably will remain. I laughed with my best friend for a solid 4 and half hours without a care in the world with mutual feelings of friendship and unity and laughter. The second time for me was horrific and awful, but, hopefully next times good fun again. Hey, anyway, don't wanna give you my lifes story, I just wanted to say thanks, haha, it was a good read :)
Posted by Magick (08/23/09 04:33 AM)
You should try to get out more on mushrooms...sitting playing sims seems like an absolute waste to me and honestly the only games I can even stand to play on mushies are old snes/sega games like sonic 3 (ohhhh yeah, play sonic 3 on mushrooms1!!!!!!)

There's so much to see and experience under that state though...sitting playing sims sounds like not the best way to use your time wisely :)